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Venkatesh R



Venkatesh R


Bond With Humble Lover

Bond With Humble Lover

2 mins

She is so humble,

She resides and syncs my mind,

Never believed in love, until I saw through her eyes.

She delivers a lot; each of her soul is an eye opener,

When she looks at men and women’s apparel, she makes a fashion statement.

When she looks into street, she depicts people and emotions.

When she looks through her big heart, and goggles, she gives an insight of miniature world,

With her patience, and dis mountable legs,she brings the immortal beauty of nature.

Her blinking eyes can break even the speed of light.

She may be of any origin, and one can cast her with attributes.

But her bond, with me defines both of us.

She alone can capture memory, thoughts, and emotions.

A flexible beauty,

Who paints personality behind and in front of her,

By playing with lights!

Be a camera, charge yourself, during tough times,

Be creative, focus on things by being optimistic,

Communicate, by making others, to see your views, through her eyes,

Change world, by conveying emotions through her eyes,

Cherish the memory, capture moments.

Erase past, unnecessary thoughts, people and memories.

Be flexible, to view life by changing the gears,

Be humble and accept change as accessories,

Be professional and do not intend to impress someone.

See a world through her eyes, world is beautiful!

Artist like us,

Can make difference to the world,

Not with just content, but by being a way to address the issue faced by the world.

Be a poem, be a paint, be a prose, be a photograph

Just create history, by painting viewer’s mind through any medium.

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