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Ratna Kaul Bhardwaj



Ratna Kaul Bhardwaj


Beyond Tinted Glasses - Part 2

Beyond Tinted Glasses - Part 2

2 mins

For our liberated nation what an irony!

Decades before the foreign rule was pushed away

And since then every new stream of growing politics

Has less in store, more betray.

Betrayal from others, accepted

But the betrayal from your own

Gives the pain highly deep

And millions of minds are blown.

Now they say that India is growing

Certain facts true but most of them coated

Poverty, ignorance, unemployment

On every step is highly noted.

Cast related violence, inhumane behaviour

Cruelty, discrimination, manifold has grown

Social stratification, degrading treatment

Such are the seeds that are sown.

Fanaticism, terrorism, social ostracism

Has filled the land with terror

Rapes, molestation, lynching

Is the picture new, a big horror.

There are boycotts, economic degradation

Lack of education, the sullied realm

A different wind has blown

Uprooting the Indian heritage, the real elm.

Antagonism in young generation

Is a threat more insidious

Under the very nose of political leaders

Is played a game, very hideous.

Beyond the curtains rough and guff

There is a shabby picture, shady future

The colourful light of sincerity is leaking

Decascading, is our rich culture.

Decades after decades the promises made

Got blown in the shade of self interest

The common man however, is still struggling

Lost is his peace of mind, lost is his rest.

How much I wish! you the system makers of our rich soil

Be awakened, be aware of your deeds

The spiritual heart of our nation

Cries, feels shattered, it also bleeds.

Look beyond your tinted glasses

We are not grown, we are being mocked

With blood on roads, the wave of hatredness

The innocent souls are deeply shocked.

Your ego, the greed for power and luster

Is creating a different world

Beyond reality, beyond ethics

The cyclone of uncertainty is whirled.

You call it growth, No!

The flaws are yet being covered

The deep rooted problems persist

Humanity at every corner is butchered.

Unless the remedy is redirected

Highly noticed self interests, buried

This peaceful land once, will loose its grandeur

And by extremist nations, we will be bullied.

Make the world know of our real spirit

Not cowardice that is exhibited,

Beyond selfish interests, this nation has a history

In every nook and corner of the globe, it is illustrated.....

The humanity is one supreme thing

That has gravely deplored,

Let the vision be broad and promiseable

Let peace in the land be restored.

The need is to refresh the souls

And let the false ego, go

Putt off your tinted glasses

In its real spirit, let the Nation grow........

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