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Keyur Doshi



Keyur Doshi


Better timing

Better timing

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An experienced resource is hired during peak months in a reputed organization;

And is expected to score boundary every ball and become overnight sensation

No time is given to settle down and there is little time with the team for any guidance;

He is expected to be super quick in thinking, grasping and executing and show his performance

For him, the culture, people and all the job that he is expected to do are new;

Connecting the dots become a challenge and timelines for his activities are mostly overdue

For every basic question asked or mistake committed by him, question is raised on his common sense and basic understanding;

His confidence starts breaking from within and his heart starts aching

He is told that he is a wrong pick and the Company is still accommodating him;

The Company should also think that after 3-4 rounds of long interviews, why were they then opting for him?

He did reasonably well in his previous organizations and was a good performer and resource almost everywhere he had been;

Never did he had face such situation of high expectations and so much of internal din  

The team and the manager become one and isolates him for not being upto their expectations;

He is seldom involved in anything and mostly excluded from team related discussions

His dropped shoulders, shattered confidence and frequent errors makes others within organization to believe that he is of little worth;

Questions start rotating his mind whether he would still be able to save his berth

At a point he was left with two possibilities;

One to continue and prove them wrong or to move on and look for other opportunities

He knew he had no backing from anyone and was all alone in this fight;

He had to prove himself, pull himself up and face it without a fright

On examining the whole story, he realized that the core problem was his time of joining;

High expectations, little backing and prejudice added up in all the whining

He realized that neither him nor anyone is to be blamed for this whole episode and grumbling

 All is for the best, accept, learn, move on and next time, join a new organization with perhaps…a better timing...!!

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