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Venkatesh R

Children Inspirational


Venkatesh R

Children Inspirational

Be A Cartoon

Be A Cartoon

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Be Bugs Bunny,

When it comes to asking others.

Be Pink Panther with silence of music,

When a daunting task ahead.

Be Pebbles, when it comes to activeness.

Be Bamm-Bamm, when it comes to being aggressive.

Be Boss Baby, when it comes to strategy.

Be a Kungfu Panda, when it comes to confidence.

Be Popeye, when it comes to bravery,

Be Goofy, when it comes to innocence,

Be Coyote, when it comes to persistence.

Be Roadrunner, when it comes to precautions.

Be Sid, when it comes to becoming mother of a child.

Be Hulk, when it comes to protecting loved ones.

Be Scrat, while chasing a mission.

Be Angry Bird, when someone hurts you.

Be a Dogbert, when it comes to workplace.

Altogether be a cartoon, in real life.

By making others happy, without being a real clown.

In the animated short series called life,

Where all of us, are one of the cartoon characters;

Trying to be the fittest.

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