As I Sit At The End Of The Day

As I Sit At The End Of The Day

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As I sit at the end of the day. 

Thinking of all the people I have met,

And how I had conversations, 

And simply how I listened to them,

Or went my own separate way. 

I think of the promises I had made before

And still, have the works I have left half-done; 

I think of whether I can fulfil them, 

Or forget them all. 

Have I ever helped a poor man in need? 

Did I hurt someone close just out of greed,

Or ignorance? 

I cannot save myself from my guilt 

Conscience, the one that finds pleasure in 

Criticizing. As I sit at the end of the day, I beg 

To pardon 'the one' whose sight never left me

The one who can see it all and judge it all for 

Me. “I’ll never repeat these mistakes, 

Of that I am sure”, 

I give my word, cause I can only run away 

From my enemies, but not from my own guilt. 

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