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Yashica Priya



Yashica Priya


Art Of Rain

Art Of Rain

1 min

While the sky disappeared, the clouds assembled,

As beautiful as a mannequin dressed up to deliver the best.

The sudden splatter of silver drops on earth was drawn into the land in a wink of time.

Water spouted forth in fast motion, summing up the rhythm to my ecstasy.

The music of deep shower added emotions, reminding of golden childhood days.

Voyage of paper boats on the rushing water

Without getting sunk half way was the hardest prayer asked for.

Droplets of shiny water one following the other

On the windowpane meant to be the only competition.

Sound of thunders seemed to the only fear that easily took me to mother’s lap.

The wait for the next turn of rain again was the only expectation.

Shades of rainbow were the happy colors and joyful moment.

As I grew up, I lay on the couch, not wanting to get up, looking at the ceiling.

The desire and intense need to have a hot cappuccino stayed on my list.

I lifted up to prepare my own tea. The mug was smoking out the hotness,

As I was moving the curtain aside and sitting close to the window.

All together just gave me a satisfaction that

I’m still alive to admire the godly things on my mother planet.

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