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Another Day

Another Day

2 mins

I jump out of bed

To the shrill of the alarm clock

It blinked 5:00 AM!

Although it was only 4:30 AM

I always set the time piece half an hour early

That was my way of beating time, albeit a sham

Stealing thirty minutes away to luxuriously cradle

In the lap of my soft pillow.

I cook and clean

Shower and pack lunch

With a robotic precision.

While he sips his coffee absent-mindedly

Scanning the newspaper

For sports and politics

Commending the victorious team that hit sixes

Cursing the lack of support within political parties.

I rush back home

Just in time

To pick things up

From where I left them in the morning,

Before I sprinted to catch my bus

To race against time

To meet punishing project deadlines

Amidst calls back home, to check on our child

Or to fix an appointment with the doctor

And many times, with the electrician and the busy plumber.

Tick tock, tick tock

Dinner is ready on time

Like a clock.

He eases on the sofa after a demanding day

Tummy happy and full

Flipping though channels

Mostly comedies, sports

And political rants.

I focus on the post dinner sequence,

The shadow of things left undone

And plans for tomorrow

Looming large to keep me company.

Days yawn and sigh

Waning into darkness

Longing for an early sleep

To rise early

To meet another day

Days merging into years

Grey behind my ears

I hear him snoring on the sofa

And my thoughts wander

Does he know my favourite colour or dish

Or what makes me laugh or cry?

Well, it does not matter anymore

For some strange reason, I don't seem to remember them anyway

It is just another day.

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