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Priyanka Prasad



Priyanka Prasad


An Embodiment Of Love…My Brother

An Embodiment Of Love…My Brother

2 mins

“Brotherhood propels propensity for peace,

Pouring upon mankind the virtues of love and solace

Wreathing hearts and souls with benevolence

It leads to companionship scudded with true kinship!


Bold stringent steps that assist and lead one towards success

Incorporates humility and transforms human to humane,

Enables one to face all adversities and rise beyond complexities of life

Unfurling the royal flag of divinity and diligence!


A true friend, a pal, a comrade replicated as a soul called, ‘Brother’

Who’s there to handle and resolve the unforeseen hardships

Silently soothing the tiring limbs and the fluttering being

It manifests the prowess of goodness and fortitude!


Kin leads to true kinship dissolving the tiny but mighty specks

That mingle and lead towards self- centeredness

Enabling a soul to rise above narrow trifles

And grow with righteousness and power!


A brother for me… is a true shadow of mine

Carving a dazzling but an enthralling aura of peace

Intoxicating my soul with pride 

It reminds me of my worth and my real possession! 


He accompanies me unconditionally… I need him or not

Straightens my back when stifled with terrible tasks

Says, ‘Yes, you can’, when things go downhill

And stands as an eternal figure bestowed by God with a purpose!


The ennobling influence of my brother stupefies my soul

Lifting my spirits enabling life regain its meaning

A simple, ‘Hi’ adds sheen to my placid face and

A sumptuous feast shared turns a simple moment to cherished memories!


The innocent gestures and mild caress of my brother

 Tells me, ‘I’m important’

And his magical magnetic spell casts a vibrant rainbow

Procuring and preserving the essence of words, ‘I’m always there.’!


My brother’s forever here like a torch-bearer

Providing a power so unseen…

A light to diminish all darkness

And a ray of hope to instill the beauty of being alive!


‘RAKSHABANDHAN’ is a pious chord of love

That binds hearts and proclaims the purest promise

To safeguard the sis’ and provide a gush of true happiness

As the brother incarnates the chasm of the Lord above!


When the meek eyes envision disillusionment

And the mind gets blown off by the harsh winds of utter sadness

When the heart experiences the painful pangs of loneliness

And when the soul gets drenched in the memories of nostalgia…


The savior…the brother turns the globe upside down

Rushing to catch hold of the fading strings of the loop

Radiates his charm and charisma through his presence

Reflecting through retrospection, he reverts the losing heart back on track!


May this bond of sovereignty persist and retain…

Upholding the epiphany of reverence

Valuing every soul and marvel the aspects within

Pertaining the vow blessed by the All Powerful Almighty!”

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