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Varsha Madhulika

Abstract Tragedy


Varsha Madhulika

Abstract Tragedy

Abandoned Home

Abandoned Home

2 mins 154 2 mins 154

This place once echoed

With soothing laughs

Of angels abandoned.

Though their right to live

Was curbed the day

They stepped in this world.

But fate had a different story to tell

About the girl child dumped

In the garbage bin surround.

I happened to hear her fading cry by chance

And got attached to her serene look

Calling me to have my motherhood once again.

As her little but big eyes rolled its first tears

My heart ached and I held her close to my breast

As if she is my own one, whom I don't want to mewl.

That pearl gave me the jostle

To help all such abandoned lucky little ones

Find shelter under one roof, away from the mean world.

This was the birth of this little home divine

Warmly welcoming all that is abandoned

Because they are the girls unwanted.

But the mean world finds no rest

Until it sucks the last drop of blood

That keeps life going.

Crushed to their agony of being homeless

They found this home their true source of life

Which has become a speck in everyone's eyes?

Their chirping melody started buzzing their ears

Causing them to struck my shelter divine

That was their home sublime.

Unknown to their pain

This ruthless world

Once again stole their home divine.

Back to the streets, they are

Where from I have picked them once

With the hope to see them merry.

Tears roll down my cheeks again

As I see the stubbornness of life

On that little one who even doesn't know who life is?

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