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A Harsh Truth

A Harsh Truth

2 mins 216 2 mins 216

A country with talents yet to explore

Seldom indeed but breaks the records

Roots hastened to the very core of

Vedas untying the folklore.

Roots of poverty invisible in the abyss

Malnutrition crippling the penurious souls

Dying faith in supreme Deity pressurises to surrender

Every consecutive day obstacles paves the way.

A family with six girls willing to bargain the youngest one

To a despot residing in every Nukkar and obligating her

To reside in the extreme circumstances for the sake of her family

Agonising over her very existence in this world mortified to tell her. 

The survival of the fittest no more concerned with the animal world

Humans hold the theory equally well albeit only applying to the 

Slave world, the haunting shadows engulfing the true identity.

Tragedy allies with the misery and plays the game of Peek A boo.

Kalyuga yet to show it’s true colour, this is just the beginning

So no need to fear, God still has to land in here, till then

Try to fight like a mighty Tiger and show them you are fierce.

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