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Nadia Bast

Drama Tragedy Thriller


Nadia Bast

Drama Tragedy Thriller

A Flourishing Soul

A Flourishing Soul

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Scared of the darkness that surrounds my bed

Wondering whose phantom is going to take my rest

Praying for peace whenever I try to sleep

Fo his ghost is still haunting me every night

Feeling his weight is thrown over my chest

Remembering the taste of his kiss over my lips

Not a love story to be happy while remembering

Instead, a sexual abuser kicking me off a cliff

It is him I see in every dark spot I have to light

Hiding in a shallow grave I've built for years

Frightened of facing the demons conquered my soul

Years have passed and revenge is blooming my heart

Hoping to stab a flourish ax in his all and soul

Love isn't a story for me to live anymore

Nor fear is the feeling that's growing inside my mind

Here I am bleeding with words instead of tears

Turning up my weakness into a stronger person in me

Darkness is shining through the light I've sowed

Thorns are converted to blooming roses

And I am here alive fighting against all odds

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