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trisha nidhi



trisha nidhi


A Dream Of Free India

A Dream Of Free India

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#Freeindia, A Dream 

To be painted by ashes Of the 

Shed blood

To scrouge amidst our Ironical society;

Against those sabotaging the real


A dream of free India.

Years back we had united

Irrespective of caste creed or religion

But this India at present 

Believes in reservations so cold,

Was this our vision!!

A dream of free india;

The torch bearer where women were

Today the thirst of safety remains 


The judgment berates that she wears 

So transparent,

Once she who fought for the country

Now strives for her own dignity!

A dream of every India;

Once when the options to practice

The veil of profession to wear was scarce,

But today though abundant

The decision for future is negotiated,

Or Rugged to bland;

A dream of free India;

1947 #freeindia was it freed!!

Where the minds of people holds

Still mortgaged 

with fossilized ideas of the past,

So Either we succumb to ominous 

Or stick to our rights to longlast. 

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