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Smriti Sharma



Smriti Sharma


"A Cry"

"A Cry"

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Here comes a cry;

The environment dance in whorls with joy.

But standing away a few yards;

My granny’s question mark, ‘is it a girl or a boy?’


The nurse appears with a frown;

My heart swings up and down.

From everybody’s lips there slips a sigh;

Shadowing the girl’s beautiful cry.


My eyes searching for a happy case

Comes to a sudden halt.

I notice my father’s face

And get struck by a lightning bolt.


Lips bend in a downward arch;

His pallor haggard with features dark.

He looks at her with burning eyes;

The eyes which I once considered wise.


The beads of rosemary click aloud;

Pronouncing the hatred behind the serene shroud.

I am afraid the mask will soon be shed;

Exposing the old man’s face of lead.


I wish you luck my little sister;

For the fight with the evil inside each head.

But I am sorry I can’t help you;

Cause it’s their hand with which I am fed.

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