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Jai Ganesh Vaidyanathan   AUTHOR OF THE YEAR 2019 - NOMINEE

  Literary Brigadier

The First Execution


It is the year 1624. The kingdom of Haleri is under the rule of King Virarajendra Krishnavarman...

8    422 51

The Red Bull Story


We nodded our heads, though we had no idea how a Red Bull would taste or react.

7    356 23

I Committed Blasphemy

Children Classics Inspirational

Zacharia went back to his seat with a contended smile on his face. I was afraid of what the teacher ...

6    657 37

Happiness In A Bag Of Urine

Classics Drama Inspirational

It’s so easy to write-off something or someone. But that does not change the fact about...

4    414 11

Seven Days of Night - Part One


I work for a multinational company at an executive position. As with most companies today, the pay i...

9    142 5

God's Own Children

Drama Inspirational

Since I have hit the rock bottom of life, I can only go up now, she always told herself when she nee...

13    1.2K 43

Travails Of AC Non-Technician!


Sir, can you come this afternoon to service my AC?

3    828 37

The KetchUp Story

Inspirational Others

An interesting conversation between two tomatoes

1    2.3K 85

Waking Up Inside

Drama Inspirational Action

This is the story of Srikanth, a young man who pushed himself too far into his work, and away from h...

13    22.1K 380

The Executioner

Drama Thriller

A beautiful young woman. A first time executioner. A strong minded king. A heartless husband. A myri...

8    22.0K 398

The Beast Of Dervaig

Action Thriller

What haunts the otherwise quiet seaside village of Dervaig? What walks through the night, ripping ap...

14    22.0K 333

Till Memories Do Us Part

Drama Romance

A desperate wife feeling scorned. A helpless husband unable to live happily with his wife. A good fr...

11    32.7K 334