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Ekansh Nangia   AUTHOR OF THE YEAR 2019 - NOMINEE

  Literary Colonel

My Angry Mom

Children Stories

The poem is about mother's anger.

1    26 2

My Intro

Children Stories Others

Ekansh is my name, I put all my foes to shame,

1    168 40

A Blue Speck of Paint

Children Stories Drama Others

Fishes plopped in the clean ocean. Grasshoppers hummed in the wet night grass,

2    139 24

I Hate Going To The Washroom!

Abstract Fantasy

Mountains are high, Toilets are low, Why are washrooms most dangerous places to go?

3    16 3

I Hate Being An Egyptologist!

Drama Others

But now I lay in my coffin I sleep Turned into a mummy by Tutankhamun who was in glee.

1    258 48

Earth's Transfigure

Children Stories Drama Others

What on Earth!! Heat, cancer, smoke.

1    189 34

The Disgrace of Pollution

Children Stories Drama Others

Here, there and everywhere Smoke, pollution I see,

1    196 41

That Night on Horror Street

Children Stories Horror Fantasy

The night was dark Owls screeching Above,

3    367 21

That Night Of Halloween

Children Stories Others

The air was dark everyone started to flee It was the night of Halloween.

4    178 4

That Night On Horror Street


The poem describes the night on the horror street.

3    24 2

That Night Of Halloween


The poem talks about the Halloween celebration.

4    58 3

That Night Of Halloween


They deliberated a plan, Which was impossible to do if it was only a man...

4    30 3



Rain, oh rain you have created a bad name, For your ruthless shame.

1    305 3

The Unknown Letter

Drama Tragedy

There won't be A yellow parchment Laid upon an old pack of bones

1    8.4K 4



Rain, oh rain Did you know I see so much pain.

1    4.6K 8

Being A School Boy


Diagrams are tough, colouring is tougher

1    9.3K 5

The Tale Of Time


Invisible it is but can be seen in evil membranes

1    9.0K 6

That Night Of Halloween

Fantasy Horror

With his power unknown Hiding was a vampire in robes.

4    13.0K 96