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Ojasvi Balotia 

Just a beginner...

A 50 Rupees Smile


There are some things that schooling or grooming won't teach you. You only acquire it through empathy and understanding.

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A Creepy College Apartment


I got a creepy feeling of being observed. I saw up at the shelter where the fan that had never functioned

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A Gift To A Carpenter

Drama Others

A simple yet delightful story that highlights the importance of giving your best always!

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My Rebirth On The Road


Two young boys on a bike while trying to impress girls on the road, meet with and accident

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Strange Cell In My Mind


When we are having a bad and weird dream, at that time, our body is feeling some negative energies around our body.

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The Doctor’s Fate


From sand we come and to we take back, fortunate and consecrated by the name of God...

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The Story Of A Cancer Survivor

Inspirational Tragedy

It is a story of a cancer survivor

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