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Soumya Mukherjee

  Literary Colonel

The Wedding


Finally, the great day arrived, and the requisite banquet hall was hired, decorators caterers et all...

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The School In The Woods

Children Stories Others

I have been staying in one of the greener parts of Delhi, which has a densely wooded area close by. ...

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Children Stories

The boy wanted to cry but was too petrified to utter a word. He was taken by the teacher to a covere...

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My First Punju Wedding


Bollywood has brought the Punjabi wedding into everyone’s drawing rooms, and nowadays most weddings ...

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Age Is Just A Number


Finally, the 50s came around. Panic struck. The dreaded F word! I reacted by joining my wife’s yoga ...

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A Chipko Is Born

Children Stories Drama Inspirational

She is now busy devising ways to keep off the birds and the harsh sun from the young seedlings and m...

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Ghost Story


On my return journey when passing that same spot towards dusk, suddenly an old lady leaped in front ...

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Act Your Age


When I was young, I would try to act older, and wanted to be considered an adult....

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Happily Ever After

Comedy Romance

Aloo was lonely. He had traveled the world. Far from his homeland in South America he had travelled ...

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Valentines Blues


While she was trained in Indian classical, Rabindrasanget and choir, rock wasn’t her forte

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Boys Don't Cry


I did not cry at Laurel and Hardy films. But Charlie Chaplin was another matter. Action films left m...

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Valentines Day


She dreaded having to make new friends in a new school. Everyone here was so large and loud.

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Puppy Love


Over time and many visits home, the two loves of my life learnt to tolerate and even grow quite fond...

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Getting Married; A Sudh Filmy

Drama Romance

This story shows how the family and friends arranged for a love marriage.

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