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nandita A Singh

An Aspiring writer who wishes to showcase stories that a reader would remember. I am a simple writer with simple narrative format. I want my readers to relate to my stories or articles and feel connected read more

  Literary Captain

Unknown Encounters

Drama Horror Thriller

This might sound scary but I saw him in my dreams. He smiled at me while standing right outside my s...

5    196 8

The Power Within Me

Classics Inspirational Thriller

I heard my dad running towards the dog with a stick and I just screamed STOP. And my dad just stoppe...

14    325 16

When Two Worlds Meet


I met a the lady 2days back from the apartment and she looked quiet sad, so I asked her if I could b...

5    95 4

Make Love Not Scars

Drama Tragedy

You wanted me to be your fantasy. A doll that you can show off in front of...

4    342 27