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Aradhana Sharma

  Literary Colonel

First Date

Abstract Drama

Whenever she was on a fast, she would eat a little early, preferably before sunset.

2    217 16

First Date


Sneha was very excited and nervous too. It was her first date.

2    217 47

Kitty Party


Mohini’s yellow saree impresses one and all. After the initial introduction, the party starts.

4    545 14

Their Dreams

Drama Tragedy

It was getting hectic for Sanjay, but he wanted to leave no stone unturned. He had never forgotten h...

3    405 43

My Decision


Today, after a long time, I have got some time for myself...

2    475 24

Life Is So Fast


So much I do, still so much to do, and yet every work seems pending....

4    744 52

Our Home

Drama Children Stories

A family's excitement of moving into a new home. They get attached watching it being built only to r...

4    601 20

Money Lover


The story shows that a man wanted to save money and hence buys bus tickets and due to which he falls...

3    604 50

The Mecha Boy


It had already been a month that they both were working together. He looked so real, so humane, that...

4    1.0K 6

Same Date

Drama Comedy

How will a wife react when her husband forgets their wedding anniversary?

2    521 4

Credit Card


It was preposterous. A non-transaction fee was being imposed on her for not using her credit card! I...

2    678 7

Happy Independence Day


Her grandson's greeting on Independence Day set her off in the memory lane, memories of happiness an...

1    1.1K 49



It was a beautiful Sunday morning. With a hot cup of coffee, I was in a mood to pen down something.

7    571 7



With so much work still left to do, and such a little sleep she had last night, it was not easy for ...

2    280 3

Birth Mother

Drama Tragedy

The story two boys who lost their dad and later get adopted by rich families. Their lives go back to...

6    614 7

Prem Daan

Drama Romance

True love can fight all odds in life.

5    547 8

Gate Duty


Who should be accountable for the incident? The teacher had the question, but no one to answer.

5    317 7

Wrong Side


Looking for shortcuts in life ended up that day when as usual, Nipun was driving on the wrong side o...

2    287 6

The Unfortunate She...


A girl who seems to be forever witnessing a series of mishaps - a train accident, a bus accident an...

3    287 6

Hard Work Pays Off


It was suffocating, no trace of air inside. The panic increased. We were trapped inside it, with no ...

2    1.0K 5

There Is Always Tomorrow


All the preparation has been made. He can be here any minute. I am ecstatic but scared by the realit...

2    551 9

My Entire Life

Drama Fantasy Others

Ashima was just nine years old when she first saw me. She wanted her mom to take me along as she lik...

5    486 9

Helpless Father


Next day, when a passenger asked me to drop him at his destination, I was wiping my tears, which he ...

2    272 8



The story shows an old man recollecting memoried while standing in front of a mirror.

4    270 9

A Letter

Children Stories Tragedy

The story shows the betrayal of a friend.

3    628 10


Drama Tragedy

She was worried about her father’s health. But she was relieved to know that he was alive.

5    654 11

My First 5K


That day, when the elevator of the building was not in working condition, I had to climb stairs to m...

4    288 7

Selfish Mother

Others Tragedy

This is a story about a mother who is being injured because of a dog bite who snatches the bag full ...

3    274 30

Birthday Gift


This story is about missing the father on the birthday and a gift of meeting him soon as the writer ...

1    403 7



‘Shiva is great. Whenever you are in trouble, remember him. Have faith in him. He surely listens and...

1    883 20


Abstract Thriller

On her way back home, several news headlines were flashing across her mind, if the kids are safe in ...

4    511 14

I Don't Know

Crime Drama Thriller

Was she really more than a friend? Was our relationship over and he wanted to get rid of me?...

2    427 15

My Child's School


A baby will not be a baby forever. As he grows, what he needs from us changes and what we provide hi...

3    505 12

Burning Cylinder


She ran away with Amma on the wheelchair, didn’t dare to look back...

3    641 46

Angel Buddy

Drama Others Tragedy

“It’s a good omen… Now your wife will be well soon.” Maid’s words were swirling...

4    677 43

Unsaid Words


Some words are meant to be unsaid. Some relations don’t have any name.

2    306 11

Golden Days


The outpouring of love and fame made her life beautiful. She couldn’t expect more from her life.

4    221 6



It was beautiful Sunday Afternoon. Geetu prepared a lot of stuff for Rajnish’s lunch, we both were e...

8    1.2K 66

A Passion


Kaira had always dreamed of becoming a teacher since childhood..

8    1.2K 38


Others Tragedy

People say, ‘Time heals everything’, but no, time can never heal the loss of a mother. Emotional pai...

5    2.0K 104