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We wear emotions, we don't possess it, we try to live in our lives which is ours and no one else is an owner. We try to do things which are in reality should be done, and do what we are not supposed to do. We keep moving forward but do we ever think of the destination and the path on which we have started walking. The answer might be no in most of the cases.

We, in this busy competitive world, are always in a hurry to do and complete a job assigned to us or maybe which we want to do. But is it serving any purpose after completion of that work? The answer might be no again. Why is it so? It's because we don't realise it's our internal happiness which should matter the most, the competition is not with someone else but to be the best and be a better version of own self than yesterday, a moment before.

No, it's not to do a show business or for show-off but it's for our own good. Achievement is to be tagged only when we are happy from within, we have succeeded in reaching our destination with no hurry and taking the right path, devoting the best ideals, gain and implement the knowledge which we have imbibed while travelling to our destination. Values and principles should come first.

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