The Drops Of Rain

The Drops Of Rain

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Rain is lovely. The drops can drive anyone crazy with it's fall and sound that is made more authentic with the clouds hovering in the sky and leaves of trees dancing in rhythm with them. That night I was sitting on my bed covering myself with my blanket. A similar feeling was lingering all over my body and mind, a feeling that was made up of a tinge of romance, happiness, dreams that were beautifully kneaded and that day, I felt as if my loneliness took me to heaven.

The drops slipped over the glass window making different patterns and that, pushed me out of my bed and made me sit on the couch beside the window. A few moments of keen observance and deep thinking took me to some other level, a level where my heart tricked my mind and took power over it. It was soon that I realized a warm feeling on my cheeks and a bit of pain in my throat. Was I crying? Probably yes.

I knew that being happy or sad are two sides of a coin. But, why it feels so weighted when we are in pain? All my feelings merged into something that along with my loneliness made me reminisce all those people I wanted to stay but they left me standing alone, of all those talks that I wanted to do but never got a chance,of all those wishes I wanted to fulfill but couldn't. Why? Was I not courageous enough to stop those people,or speak up what I wanted to say,or fulfill what I wished for? Yes,my fear of loosing what I had,did this to me.

I cried out so loud that after sometime I found my voice to have overpowered the sound of the heavy rain. That echo gave me a confidence to wipe out my tears and stand up. As it stopped raining I promised myself to let go of my past and indulge in what I have got, because it's true that we never get everything we opt for.

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