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Kindness From The heart
Kindness From The heart

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I was travelling on a bus and that bus was so much rush but luckily I got a seat. I sit properly but after 1minute of sitting one old lady came from next stoppage and she was telling something in Telugu which I couldn't understand properly but I assumed maybe she wants to sit here. I communicate with her in sign language and I gave her my seat. I was happy that I helped her but my condition was worse as I was feeling vomiting and head aching just because of bus travel. Even I couldn't stand properly, I was about to fall sometimes with that bus gear. I was smiling there as thinking how all people are dancing for sudden gears. I saw my surrounding, all are standing perfectly. I am the only one who is suffering. I observed how those ladies are handling themselves and I was thinking about my mother as she is also travelling her school by bus. Then suddenly I stand properly. There is a saying if you helped one person then God will help you. After 15/20minute only I got a sit near to that grandma, and I wanted air to breathe properly as I was suffocated. A girl who is sitting my back side scolding to someone in mobile, maybe she is so much frustrated.

For sometime, I forgot my purpose of the journey and then next time I make myself alert to check my interview location. My father always tells me one thing, go outside and see the beauty of this world, but unluckily whenever I went outside I see the selfish world, after coming I argued with him also but when I started seeing everything positive and smiling to every bad situation, I cop with all things perfectly.

Whereever you are just show the kindness from the heart. Because Money doesn't always have to be the thing which is the answer to kindness. It comes from the heart. You don't need money to bring more kindness it's from a happy friendly smile or a loving and helping hand. Each day is special for me to do things for other, to brighten up there day in a simple but heartfelt way. I have learnt in being kind because no one knows what is around the corner in life and anything could happen.

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