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Mystery Of The Air Vent
Mystery Of The Air Vent

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Meghan and Rachael were famous detective of the Delaware city. They both were the most experienced and intelligent agents in Delaware detective agencies group. In a small town of Delaware, there lived a family with surname Quinn. The family comprised of Mr. John who had two daughters named Jess and Jennifer. Mr. John loved animals very much, he had kept a wild dog from Cuon Alpinus or Dhole breed who was named Dick.

Jennifer was going to get married to rich boy named Robert. Both the sisters were sitting in the hall and were talking about the marriage preparations. After their talks, both went into their respective rooms. Before going to sleep they always locked the door because they both were afraid of Dick. Jess woke up in the morning and found that Jennifer was not opening the door. With help of the housemaid she managed to open the door and found that Jennifer was dead. Both Jess and housemaid were shocked.

After Jennifer’s death, In the morning Jess went to Meghan and Rachael and told them in detail about what happened with Jennifer. Both told her that they will visit her house. Jess told them that her father doesn’t know about the investigation, so she requested them to come in the afternoon when he is not in the house.

In the afternoon both came to her house, they observed that Jess’s room was at the left, Jennifer’s room was in the centre besides Mr. John’s room. Jess took both to Jennifer’s room there they saw that air vent was directly connected (opened) in Mr. John’s room, through that vent a rope was passed which came along the side of the bed and then the rope went beneath the bed and went inside the Mr. John’s room through a hole. Both felt it very weird.

They all went into Mr. John’s room, there they saw everything made up of animal skin or fur such as the mat, the pillow covers, etc. They saw a cage for a snake also but there was no snake. These also made them feel very weird.

During the investigation, Meghan and Rachael went to their office and started thinking about what exactly would had happened there which led to Jennifer’s death. Suddenly Jess called them and told that her father had told her to shift to Jennifer’s room because he wanted to do some interior work and some replacement of old things from her room.

Meghan and Rachael saw this an opportunity and they told her that they will come at her house at midnight for investigation in Jennifer’s room because they thought that what had happened with her sister same would happen with her. They also told her that not to tell the same to her father, because they were suspecting that he had done something to Jennifer.

At the midnight, Meghan and Rachael got into Jennifer’s room where Jess was there. They told her not to sleep on the bed instead to sleep on the sofa for a while and both were hiding behind the same sofa. Suddenly they saw a shadow due to the reflection of candle light in the other room through the air vent which was connected (opened) in Mr. John’s room. Everyone was terrified to see it. Then suddenly both Meghan and Rachael stood up and told Jess to follow them. They went into Mr. John’s room fearlessly.

When they opened the door, they were shocked to see Mr. John holding the snake in his hand. Everyone was terrified to see the Rattlesnake. But suddenly the snake got scared to see so many people. In a rush to escape from hand of Mr. John, the snake bit him. Suddenly, Mr. John died and fell on the floor. Meghan and Rachael called the snake catcher who carries the snake in a pot and told him to put the Rattlesnake in the cage. But still the mystery was not solved, after some research Meghan and Rachael came to know that Jennifer had died because of the same snake.

Mr. John had trained the snake so well that the snake used the rope and entered the room through the air vent and bit Jennifer and escape out the room through the hole. But the bite of snake was not visible because the snake was given some chemical which led to no bite marks on the body of Jennifer.

Further the investigation continued as Meghan and Rachel did not understand why would Mr. John plan to kill his daughters? In a casual talk with Jess and found about some weird behaviour of her father. On investigating further with their family Doctor, they both came to know that Mr. John was suffering from Dissociative identity disorder and his daughters were not aware about this disease.

They came to know that Dissociative identity disorder (DID) causes to people who had suffered from an early loss of people. Same thing happened with Mr. John, he had lost his wife, one of the most important persons in his life in a car accident. It seems that he had planned to kill his daughters due to his strange mental illness.

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