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Our story begins with three freinds whose freindships was even deep then the ocean. One of which was named Yuvvan, Second Vivvan and third Rehan. Yuvvan liked to play cricket and he always tried to stay away as much as possible as girls attraction and love and Rehan is completely opposite, it was good to talk time with people of all kinds. Vivvan was quite good in studies and was a habit of fun. The three of them lived like brothers and their freindships was very strong.

Then one day, A new girl got admission in their class, Whose name was khushi. She was very beautiful like her blue ocean, her beloved eyes and the fish use to glow in her beauty. The first time she knocked in class, seeing the first time, the heartbeat of Yuvvan and Rehan become very fast. They both fell in love with khushi at first glance. Neither did both of them express their love nor from each other. Both of them keep their words to themselves. Both thought to tell khushi about the matter of their heart at the right time.

Once all the boys in the class were playing a game and the game was TRUTH and DARE. The rules of this game wer e that the head of the bottle on which side would have choose them either truth or dare. Even then the bottle's head stopped towards Rehan. A boy from class asked him to tell the truth. Do you like a girl of class or not?

And if they are then who are they? At the same time Rehan took khushi's named. Yuvvan was also their when he heard this, he became absolutely shocked and his eyes were open to the open.

Yuvvan thought that was no sift in the relationship between them. That's why he didn't name of khushi. For the sake of his freind, Yuvvan thought of sacricing his love. He thought that one of the two could get khushi, but god was probably some what agreeable. One day when Yuvvan and Rehan felt that they were thinking of telling khushi about their feelings. The Vivvan came and tell them that, he want to tell something to both of them. Then both of them told vivan to tell what he wants to tell them. Vivan said such a thing that both Yuvvan and Rehan became sad. Vivvan said that Khushi had propose him a few days back and she gave it yes.

Khushi liked Vivvan and he was also a freind of Yuvvan and Rehan, So both of them to decided to sacrifice their love for the happiness of Vivvan and Khushi. Because of a lot of fun. Vivvan had to leave inter college in eight standard and took admission in another college. Khushi also wanted to take admission in that college where Vivvan had taken admission. Khushi's mother, who was a teacher in that college, didn't ready and khushi had to study in that college only.

Yuvvan and Rehan knew that khushi could never have them. So, both of them didn't change their college and the three did the high school from that college.

After that khushi changed her college and she took admission in the same college where the Vivvan took it. While Rehan also took admission in the same college where Vivvan and khushi taken.

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