Lie, Cheat and Make Out!

Lie, Cheat and Make Out!

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The mobile phone buzzed, “Tere bina nahi lagda dil mera dholna ( I am not feeling good without you)” I picked up the mobile, “Hi Umesh, how are you?”

“I am good what’s about you, Aman? How is your life going on?” replied Umesh.

“Life is going sluggish, lazy and boring too. Feeling lonely nowadays.” said I.

“Hmm.. That’s why I called you to add some fun in your life, to make you smile for a few moments.” Umesh said in a cheerful tone.

“Oh, well what are you going to do?” I asked.

“Today, you are going to talk to your bhabhi ji (Umesh’s girlfriend)!” Umesh exclaimed.

“What, really?” I astonished.

“Yes, Your bhabhi ji and my girlfriend, my problem of loneliness is solved forever. Now I will surely about your future too.” Umesh grinned.

“Oh, that’s great! What is the name of my bhabhi ji?” I asked.

“Riya. Now stop questioning me. Ask whatever you want to ask from your bhabhi ji herself because she is going to call you in a few minutes.” said Umesh.

“Oh, wow! I will be waiting for her call.” I said with a smile on my face.

After a few minutes, my mobile again buzzed. I got a call from an unknown number. I understood in no time that it was the call of Riya. I picked up the mobile and said hello. A very sweet, no, no, extremely sweet, no, no, intolerably sweet voice came in reply, “Hi Aman, here is Riya. Umesh must have told you something about me.”

“Yeah, Riya. Umesh has told me that you study in his class and you are a very nice girl.” I tried to speak gentlemanly.

She smiled and spoke nothing except hmm…

“So Riya how are you, how is your life going on?”

“Everything is good Aman. You say about yourself.”

“I am an ordinary boy. Nothing much is special about me. Like I go to school, come back home, do some daily chores, in the night complete my homework and in the following morning again to school. Very simple lifestyle..” I said in a cute voice.

“So sweet..”

“And what about you Riya?”

“My life is not so sweet as of you. I recently faced an extraordinary event in my life and my life has become extraordinary too.” She said.

“Hmm… Would you like to tell what extraordinary happened with you?” I asked.

“I met with an extraordinary guy namely Umesh and therefore my life has become extraordinary!” She chuckled.

“Haha. Very funny. But yeah Umesh is really a nice guy. You are very lucky to have him in your life.” I said making her realize the importance of Umesh.

“Yeah, Aman you are right. By the way, do you have any girlfriend?” Riya asked.

“No, not yet.”

“Why so? Don’t you feel like having someone special in your life with whom you can share your happiness and sorrows?”

“Hmm… Upto now, I haven’t met the girl of my choice. So I rather made loneliness my friend.” I said with a serene mood.

“Don’t worry, you will definitely get the girl of your choice soon. Just trust me.”

“But Riya, how do you know? Maybe I will never get...”

“You will get a beautiful girl in your life. I am a hundred percent sure of it.”

“But how can you be so sure of it?”

“Because you are a very sweet guy Aman. And you know what girls are fond of such guys like you.” She said and smiled. I heard her smile on phone. It was really very attractive.

“Okay, Aman, now I have to disconnect the phone. Umesh is calling me.”

“Okay, Riya. Nice to talk to you.”

“Same here Aman. Bye bye.”

I hung up the phone. After about ten minutes again my phone buzzed. Umesh said, “Hi Aman, so how is your bhabhi ji?”

“Majestic. Her voice is awesome man. You are very lucky. Her voice is like a heroine of Bollywood movies.”

Umesh started laughing, “Haha. Don’t get jealous of me. We both will soon find a girl for you. You know what Riya even began to ask me what type of girls Aman like?”

“Then what did you say?”

“I said why are you asking from me. I am not Aman. I am Umesh. If you want to know about Aman, then call Aman directly. Haha.” 

“Haha. Yes, you are absolutely true.”

After about two days, again my phone buzzed with Riya’s incoming call. This time she talked to me for about two hours asking in detail my likings and dislikings. What type of girls do I like? What type of girls do I dislike? What are my hobbies, my passions, my mania and all other sorts of things? I answered each and every question very calmly. 

Days slid by and we began to talk more and more. In fact, we had come very close to each other now. Riya came to know about me a lot and vice-versa was also very true. One day while I was sitting in the park with the chemistry book in my hand. My mobile phone vibrated and the message of Riya popped up on my mobile screen.

It read, “It is better to live as a single than a couple. All boys are the same. I am fed up with my life. I don’t want to live!”

At once I called her, “Hi Riya, what happened? What are you talking about?”

“Aman, nothing happened. Sorry, I messaged you.”

“Come on Riya, please tell me what happened. I can smell something is wrong with your relationship.”

“No, Aman, no. I can’t tell you anything. You are Umesh’s friend. Whatever I will tell you, you will certainly tell Umesh and then everything will be very messy.”

“Don’t worry Riya. I will not tell anything to Umesh. I think you have forgotten one thing. You are also my friend. Please feel free to talk to me. I will not let you down. I will try to help you as much as I can.”

“Promise me, you will never share the things with Umesh that I am going to tell you.”

“I promise you Riya.”

“You know Aman. Umesh is cheating on me. I came to know about his other relationship with Neha.”

“Neha? He never talked to me about Neha. I even don’t know who Neha is?”

“You are very innocent Aman and Umesh is a very clever dude. I know why he didn’t tell you about his another relationship.”

“Okay, go ahead. Please tell me the answer.”

“Aman, you are a very good boy. You are not interested in girls. You just eat, sleep and study. Umesh knows you very well. He wants to remain in the good books of you. Because he knows if he tells you about his reality, then you will definitely leave his friendship forever. He doesn’t want to lose you because he wants to use you to complete his assignments as he always did.”

“Oh my gosh. This is the reality. It is very very bad and unkind of Umesh. I never thought, he could do such things in his life. He cheated on you, cheated the most beautiful girl on the planet. Very bad!” I said furiously.

“Now, please don’t tell anything to Umesh. Actually, I didn’t want to tell you anything but I don’t know why and how I told you. Maybe I trust you deeply, maybe I you..” said Riya, a bit stammering in the end. 

To hear the word Like, I got stunned for a moment and silence prevailed for about two minutes. Then I said, “Don’t worry Riya. Everything will be alright Maybe you deserve a better guy than him.”

The same night, I reclined my head on the pillow and thought within my mind, “What Umesh is doing with Riya is not good. Riya’s voice is extremely attractive. She must be a very beautiful girl. How Umesh could cheat on a girl like her? Riya said he is a flirt. Whatever he is, but he is not doing good with Riya. I like Riya a lot and she likes me too...”

My mobile buzzed again. I opened the message and it read, “I love you, Aman.” Happiness bomb exploded within my heart. Perhaps, I wanted to hear these three words from Riya within my heart of hearts but the burden of friendship was bogging down my true feelings. Now, I could not control myself anymore and within the next five seconds, Riya received the message, “I love you Riya.” And our love affair began.

Days slid by and Riya continued to talk to Umesh as well as me. I said to Riya, “Riya, now we love each other. I think we should Umesh about our reality. I can’t tolerate Umesh anymore talking with you.”

Riya replied, “Aman, what are you saying? I don’t want to create a mess between your friendship because of me. You are good friends and I don’t want to break your friendship.”

“But Riya, for how long will it go? Some day at some time, it has to be disclosed.”

“Aman, there is no need to disclose anything. Let it go smoothly. See, four months have passed and nothing happened. Believe me and nothing is going to happen even in the future.”

“But Riya, you don’t love Umesh. You love me now. Then why are you talking to Umesh?”

“Because I love you, Aman.”


“If I stop talking to Umesh, then one day or other, he will definitely come to know that I am talking with you. If in the event he comes to know that his best friend is betraying him, then no doubt, he is going to beat you.”

“I don’t fear Umesh. You tell the truth. I will handle him.” I said in a bold voice.

“Chill Aman chill. Don’t lose your patience. I will set everything right in the near future. Keep some patience.”

“For how long?” I said annoyingly.

“Just give me two months.” Riya replied in a very calm voice.

Out of great irritation, I hung up the phone. I thought to myself, “Tomorrow evening I myself will call Umesh and tell that bastard my and Riya’s reality. And I will also insult him properly for cheating on Riya. Beyond doubt, I will threaten him not to come between me and Riya again!”

The clock struck 6 p.m. The time had come to call Umesh and to show his real status. I picked up my mobile and was about to call him, to my surprise I saw Umesh’s incoming call on my mobile’s screen.

I said in a bit harsh tone, “Hello.”

He shot at me many sentences in just one breath, “Aman, stop making any contact with Riya. She is nothing less than a call girl. She has many relationships many boys. Recently one flirty boy made her video while making out with her and he made the video viral. I have just sent you the link to the video. Because I know you are not going to trust merely my statements. Just check it out soon and stay away from her!”

I couldn’t assimilate the information at once. I clicked on the link of the video and found out whatever Umesh was saying, was the truth. My brain span at about 100 k.m. per hour. It took me about thirty minutes to comprehend the whole situation. The truth was that it was not Umesh who was cheating on Riya but it was Riya herself who was cheating on Umesh as well as on me!

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