Is It 8o' Clock Already?

Is It 8o' Clock Already?

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Wednesday, May 9,

Is it 8 o'clock already?

Hello from the other side,

It’s me, conscience speaking. I’m intrigued by the intense hypocrisy around me. At one moment the society talks about a woman being empowered, making her come out of the shackles of patriarchy. The irony is that the same people change their mood with the clock ticking 8 pm at night.

This makes me want to ask a really interesting question, Who are we saving by the way? Women around or the sly men from committing a crime.?

Mind boggling right? Give it a thought all you ladies and of course, you gentlemen (pun intended).

The question isn’t as tough as an Ailet (All India Law Entrance Test) exam would be, rather it is quite blunt and straight to the face.

The resonating part is the answer, as all of us has one, but we tend to ignore them or rather put a tag of shamelessness and loose character as a defence and stack it in the sack of a solid case of regressive modernisation and deteriorating culture.

Sleazy it is, isn’t it?

Oh Yes! You haven’t spoken since ages saving your so-called sacred 'Izzat', let alone why will anyone of you now? It’s sickening to see that you just let it go. But mind you, it’s going to bother you soon, because there aren’t going to be silences all over.

There are going to be screaming voices of years of suppression, molestation, domestic violence mustering up courage to do the 'right thing’.

Things are taking a different turn and soon it would take a shape of wholesome "change", not only because it’s the need of the hour but it’s Desirable!

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