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Mom Needs Fun
Mom Needs Fun

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I parked the car, picked up the bags and started walking towards the elevator.

“Shreya, how are you doing and where is the little one?” An old lady, whose name I don’t know and lives in our building asked in super friendly tone.

“She is at home with her father, how are you?” I replied with a smile.

“So, where have you been?” She eyed my shopping bags, “Looks like you were out for a long time.”

“Almost 5 hours Aunty. It’s Sunday, so I decided to catch up with few friends and some shopping.” I smiled as I showed her bags.

“You left your 4 months old alone for 5 hours?”

“Alone? With her father Aunty and please don’t judge me.” I faked a smile.

“It’s not about judgment. Baby needs mother. I know its tiring but these are the sacrifices every mother makes. We never used to leave our babies just for fun.”

“Yeah, and now you torture those same children by telling them every day, how many sacrifices you made. Now you want them to pay back. Just because you were miserable, you can’t stand if your children are happy with their spouses. You want them to be around you 24x7 because you were around them in their childhood. I refuse to become a horrible mother like you. I have a life and I won’t ruin it to torture my daughter in future. She will have a life too. Moreover, her father loves her just as much as I do. He has full rights to spend time and bond with her.” Elevator stopped. It was my floor, “Every mother does the best she can. You are in no place to tell anyone that they are awful parents.”

Baby was asleep as I entered my home. My husband asked the reason for my smile.

“I had an argument in elevator. I just blasted. But, I don’t know, I feel so good”

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