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There are some people

I can’t thank enough

Who make me feel more like myself

Than even being alone does,

Like my closest friends

Whom I call home

They listen to my dreams, see me struggle 

Between perfection and reality

And still choose to call me theirs

They see through me

To see this person, this beautiful someone, whom I become unaware of,

Be grateful to the ones

Who give the fiercest hugs

The kind where neither wants to let go

Turning it into the best feeling in the whole damn world

And I feel warm, ohh so loved,

The baby who smiles at me

From its mother’s arms

And holds its outstretched arms

To leap into mine

Life’s problems give away at that moment, 

Watch from the sidelines, not needed here.

And not forgetting those who still write handwritten letters

Thinking about the person they are writing to smiling inwardly,

Varying emotions, 

Feelings caught in words,

And the raindrops that slide down panes

A sunset after a gloomy day

My grandmother’s kisses and hot chocolate

An extra marshmallow 

Someone to peek over the mug at

Snowfall on a slow afternoon

A fleeting glance with a stranger

The wind that has brought me here

A poem to fall in love with

A song to dream of 

And the morning mist that makes me smile.

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