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My Blood Type Be Positive
My Blood Type Be Positive

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I’m feeling burnt like I was blazed

Like I laid in the flames in a daze

Days pass like the turn of a page

No longer hurt and feeling the rage

If there’s a fire, then it’s a sage

I’m headed higher as I bet all the chips in the place

No more shoulder chips like some lays

No more chains, just a bunch of lies

As I get the key to click open the gates

The happiness I feel must have altered my fate

But I’m not trying to preach like I’m at the alter

I just have a new view, now no more Ms. Walters

Sitting on the beach like I have nothing to do

No more vacays, on payday I get to choose

To pay more than just what’s due

With that kind of money, how can you lose

Not that I was trying to win

If I fail at what I do, then I’ll just try it again

What I dream, my mind no longer pretends

If I fly, I no longer have to deal with your hens

And if I’m fly, no need to jump over the fence

Fend off the chickens as I gave them up for Lent

Don’t care unless she has jokes or is paying my rent

I’ll be good even if my home is a tent

Because all that matters is this light that’s within’...

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