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Alright And Happy

Alright And Happy

3 mins

I say I’m sorry so much it’s become my catchphrase

Before I even open my mouth, you know what I’m going to say

I’m reading from a script I wrote, so it’s not that good

But I’ve changed it up as many times as I could

You hear each time and always act the same

No response with your sunglasses on, throwing shade

There are still scars you have that I was the cause

No excuses for what I did, cut you up like I had claws

This whole time I’ve been trying to make things as they once were

Now realizing maybe we can’t go back, there’s no way to find a cure

If you keep deciding to never talk to talk to me again

Trust me, I know, it makes sense, I understand

I’m trying to make things as best as they can be by taking the right steps

Not sure if I skipped one or fell, it feels like I’ve made a lot of attempts

I know you feel hurt, so do I, inside I’m melting

Just don’t know if I’m genuine or being selfish

I just want to feel alright and be happy

Listen, I won’t say what you think, I’ll switch it up this time

So, let you tell you first hand that I honestly do apologize

Damn, I guess it was the same except with different wording

You seem not to care anymore; your world seems to keep turning

I guess I don’t need your forgiveness, this actually about something else

You have to decide how to feel while I have to learn how to forgive myself

Saying sorry so much has me sounding an old broken record

Trying to make things right, giving it all my best effort

Everything you think I’m probably already aware of

That I’m a jerk, two faced, and just really dumb

This entire situation has got me feeling really bad

Then I imagine what you’re going through then I feel really sad

This all because of me, so I don’t have a leg to stand 

Hopping around makes really tough to move on the best I can

Trying to keep the sails blowing and set the new course

I don’t know how I get rid of this feeling of remorse

I just want feel alright and be happy

Things will probably be better when we’re old and grey

Though I’m sure I’ll think what I did until my dying day

Time makes everything better, someway, somehow

But I just really want to feel better starting right now

Fine, I won’t apologize anymore and leave you alone

Sorry I couldn’t see where’d we be and let us grow

I burned a bridge standing on it and lighting the flame

This is what I have to live with because nothing will ever be the same

I just want to feel alright and be happy

That’s it.

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