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Write The Riot
Write The Riot

© Chitra Rajpal

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Our workforce is depressed,

Our government is corrupted to the point,

where the world politics in itself has a grossly negative connotation to it.

Our faith,

Our religion,

is being doomed by the hands of self styled prophets,

screwing their way around the system,

screwing their way with the public, metaphorically

and also,

quite literally.

Our parents

are transfixed on the idea of being helpless beyond aid,

Out mates at school,

are oblivious of the rottenness around us,

Hypnotized by

the bling bling of social media.

Hypnotized by

the temporary, hypothetical social circles they dwell in.

Our books at school

teach us our rights,

But not how brutally these rights have been thrashed,

and beaten,

and exploited,

and further thrashed to the extent;

that we'd rather pay

Our hard earned,

Our sweat-coated money,

to the illiterates standing in the middle of the road with khakhi uniforms on,

than complain and reform the system,

that has been grinding us in between the party politics,

churning and revolving the whole legal system around it,

for its own selfish,

selfish means.

And then we're questioned,

that on what basis,

do we question our very questionable government?

when the whole idea

of our equally questionable system,

is based on questions of value,

which were sort to unify us unquestionably? How dare you not question?


#writetheriot #rightthewrong #revolution #corruption

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