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Vikram Bourne

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Verge of extinction

Verge of extinction

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Words are magical spells which convey emotions

These spells created by man 

In time changed into a language

And later into different languages

These magical spells were chanted everywhere around the world to convey emotions

But as people's heart started carrying hatred 

People chanted a different spell to hide their true feelings

The magic behind those words faded away

And just empty words filled that gap

World has changed in the course of time

Forgetting those valube spells

Now magic is required to find out if a person is honest or not

That's the modern scientific world that we live

And lot of thing that makes human humane are being lost

Gluttony lust and ego have taken control of the world

Even the word I love you

Has just become a word to hide their lust

What's right and what's wrong

Is something none knows for sure

Let's hold strong on what humane nature remains 

And pass it to next generation

And try to remain humane and honest as much as possible

But I think humanity, honesty, true love will go extinct soon

That's the honest straightforward words that I put forward

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