The Lost Love

The Lost Love

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I sat on the bench at night sobbing,

Looking at the stars and my memory fogging.

I tried to remember all the moments spent with you,

I tried to remember your eyes, your smile and your voice too.

I remembered the way we talked for hours,

We shared all the secrets and called each other ours.

All-day we played, laughed and teased each other,

It was everything as we were there for one another.

Your words provided comfort in every possible situation,

Remember when we first collided and fell into that awkward situation.

Your playful smirk whenever someone complimented you about your looks,

And how you teased me about my love of fiction and my dearest books.

Your eyes glistened whenever you talked about your passion for football,

And how you never let me forget the day I tried playing volleyball.

Your hugs gave me the solitude that was much needed in my life,

And how you used to joke about that unlucky fellow who will get me as his wife.

Your crazy and wild dance which you did just to cheer me up,

And remember Bruggo? Your birthday gift, such a cute little pup.

You used to bring so many gifts for me when I was sad,

And I think I gave you food poisoning as the food that I cooked was so bad.

All these moments have become precious memories for me,

And I don't want to lose them like I lost you and me.

As I close my eyes and think about how you had left,

I just think about how the time spent with you had become the best.

Maybe I will find someone, maybe I won't,

But no one can be you for in my life your place is sown.

It's so deep that I can't love anyone else,

Especially because you took my heart away with you as you went.

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