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I'm A Human
I'm A Human

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I’m a Hindu,

I’m a Brahmin, a Kshatriya, a Vaishya, a Shudra,

I admire the Ramayana, I admire the Mahabharata,

I worship my Cows, I worship my idols,

I swear by the Bhagwada Gita.

Assalamu Alaikum,

I’m a Muslim,

I’m a Shia, I’m a Sunni,

I’ve got a taqiya on my head, I have Surma on my eyes,

I’m a student and Allah is my Teacher,

I face the Mecca and I say my prayers,

Five times a day.

I’m a Sikh,

I fold my hands and say ”Sat Shri Akal”,

I’m a warrior with a heart of Gold,

I let my beard flow, I wear my turban with pride,

Waheguru, the only God I know, He’s my only Guide.

I’m a Christian, I’m Black, I’m White,

I’m a church-going man,

I wear The Cross around my neck, I read The Bible,

I believe in my Jesus, The son of God,

He gives me strength,

He forgives me for the sins I commit,

He’s my Guiding Light.

I’m a Human,

First and foremost,

Before anything else,

A human being.

I can see through the mask of religion,

I can feel a beating heart,

I savor the smells of every cuisine,

I like the sounds of every Mother tongue.

Let’s be Humans, you and me,

What we’ve been right from the very start.

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