Jyothilaxmi Lolam

Abstract Inspirational


Jyothilaxmi Lolam

Abstract Inspirational

Breath - My Existence

Breath - My Existence

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Breath, you hold me

You mold me,

You keep me moving,

You are amazing!

You give me life.

The proof of my existence you are.

Miracles you create

You master my fears

 you heal my illness

Bring me closer to the divine.

Breathe you come, you go

Relentless is you move,

You are the source, the beginning.

You are the termination, the end.

I wish to hold you

Till life in me exists,

Pure and unpolluted!

Every pure breath revives me,

Every pure breath revives you,

And everyone around you and me.

Let's all revive the world,

With the mere existence of pure breath,

As purity in thought, purity in action;

Brings purity to the nation.

As development is not 

Just technology,

But a pure breath of technology.

That holds the existence of the world!

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