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Gods Message To Me
Gods Message To Me

© Rohit Agarwal


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Gods Message to Me


You’re my special, I did not give you a choice

Choice is among betters, I said

I sent the best for you, I claimed.

I love you, I care for you,

I had no choice but to send My Son for you.

With affection, I have created

With tears I sacrificed, only for you, I cried.

I sent Him before, you respect Him.

I made Him humble, you care for Him.

I taught Him tolerance, you love Him.

He will stand with you, till day lasts,

He will combat for you, won’t give a thought.

He is dear to me, never make Him sad,

Love Him as a devotee, loves God.

He has learnt to give, not to ask.

You meet His needs, I pleaded.

It’s not easy to send a Son, in mortality,

A Son, most affectionate, most precious,

You are fortunate, I say, my son.

Once in ages, do I make such a sacrifice

And I made it for you this time.

Adore Him, Love Him, Respect Him, even die for Him,

Even then He stands superior, on a bench unmarked.

A person sacrifices food, you respect him.

A king sacrifices kingdom, you admire him.

An Angel has sacrificed His halo here.

You worship Him.

With a heavy heart,

Here I send My Son, as your Brother,

Gods are jealous, Humanity is blessed,

And what can I say to you,

Just know, you are special. 

Gods Message to Me

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