I'm Tired

I'm Tired

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I'm tired

I'm tired of pretending to be strong

Pretending to be happy

I'm longing for someone

Who sits beside me

Puts an arm around me

Tells some silly jokes

And makes me laugh

Till my stomach aches

And then, hugs me 

Asks me what's wrong 

And lets me breakdown in his arms 

Let me cry till my heart is void of pain

Till my heart is filled with his love 

Who holds my hand

Leading me to a better future 

Who takes care that I don't get hurt in the same way again

Who finally gives something 

To the person who has spent her entire life

Giving away love to those who don't deserve

Who finally lets me be the receiver 

And is happy being the giver 

Who makes me a whole

Who makes me a STRONG giver again

Who was on a break till now.

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