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3 mins

I grew up listening lullaby sung

By my grandpa & waking up with

Yells of neighbour who used to call

My mother to cut grass in a forest

I remember mother reading letter

Sent by my father from platoons,

Me and my brother dancing in merry

In his return as he always used to

Carry bag full of love for us, It was

Bliss but I always used to wonder..And

I was dreamy from the start I confess!

Sometimes I used to lose my things,

And at night I used to dream about it, &

In the morning, going to the exact place

Where I dreamt I used to find it, As I grew

I learned it's a prophetic dream, since then

Magic always fascinate me, I started

Believing in magic and mystery, and

I guess I was faithful disciple as one Day

When "Guru Ma" taught me in Balvikas that we have to be thankful to nature,

That we must share little to her before

We eat and foolishly I served in a plate

And placed it in front of deity.

I remember climbing hills for schools

With my brothers and friends who were

Of course my neighbour, they were

Follower of "Sat Pal Ji Maharaj" and

We used to say "Sai Baba" and he had competitions to reach to the moon and

Sai Baba won..This cute little rival and competitions that are implanted in our roots is root of all evilistic deeds...

Right from primary we were taught to compete but why? Don't we have our

Consciousness? Ain't we rather try to

Find a way to live harmoniously, to serve

Equality, to eat what everyone is eating?

This whole concept of competitions is

Supposed to be for animals and not for Post modern Human, as it is roots of all

Envy, Jealousy, Invasions, imperialism,

And killings that we're seeing in Sri Lanka,

New Zealand, India in fact everywhere...

We are taught to be perfect and in the

Process of being perfect, living perfect life we end up losing our own purity, you see

These kind of people walking in ties and everywhere... Don't say you don't! But

Whatever it may be! How dark it may seem dear, just like clouds can't actually belittle beauty of the moon- "Darkness

can't be dimmed light of the Moon"

You keep on shining don't compete with star to glow more vivid nor with the Sun..

You just glow sincerely, honestly, whether

You are flying or drowning in the chaos,

Crying in the coldness of the night or waking up with a coffee in a bed with a love by your side, or rotting in a jail..

Remember your root and as you connect With your roots don't forget to go beyond

That roots and on & on.. And you'll realize

Root is flowing in your veins it is in your

DNA....and what you want to sow for

Offsprings is in your hand too so be humble, kind and full of love and purity..

Don't hold just flow! You are not only

Biological but chemically connected to whole cosmos....Remember before

You plant trees in Environment day or

Join NGOs for a certificate to get a job.

Make sure you have love for trees and those homeless poors, then only change

Will occur my dears. Don't let those misinterpreted happiness we see in stories, those foolish debates in Tv's and

Internet fool you, wake up dear, don't forget that you are miracle and everything

Is connected- "You breathe air made of light as you are light too! So shine! Dear shine being alive and "Don't just survive stay alive" being grounded to your roots, Going Beyond that roots then only you'll realize that we are infinite in this infiniteness..

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