Aaradhana Agarwal

Drama Romance


Aaradhana Agarwal

Drama Romance

Who Does Justice?

Who Does Justice?

5 mins

Piya is one of the best employees of her organization. An experienced professional, highly dedicated and the only employee who finishes her task before deadline. However, in that MNC morning till evening she is the only topic suitable for bitching for a group of female colleague. 

“She is so mean. Don’t you think?” Shriya whispers while sipping hot coffee. 

“Yes, she is so much in herself! Always in hurry, never stays in the office once the work is over; never sits with us. As if work is her only priority and what is happening around her, in our lives she damn cares.” Priti replies in a bitter tone.

 “Are you like this even at home?”

“Means?” Unable to understand the meaning she asks.

“So self- centred, arrogant, selfish…” with a sarcastic smile Neha utters.

She calmly answers while heating her meal in the oven, “Everyone loves me. I can’t figure out what is wrong with you people.”

If she needs coordination from that group of colleagues in any task, they try their best to delay and ignore her. She gets emotionally hurt but tries to keep smiling as she knows in office people are not relatives but competitors and they have right to behave as they wish. One day she gets a message in the official mail that the company’s data handler has updated some crucial data of all the employees except hers. She is said to do it by herself as that lady has some other assignments. Priya takes it light heartedly and after learning the process, accomplish the task within two days. At the end she thanks the particular lady to give her opportunity of learning a new skill.

Next week, she opts to work from home on a project. After the week when she attends office gets shock to hear that particular data handler is no longer employee of the office. She inquires but none know the real reason behind her decision of leaving the office all of a sudden. A new lady takes her position. She is young, energetic and aggressive in meeting targets. Piya likes her as she resembles her work nature. Sadly, within a month the new employee joins the bitching group and begins harassing Piya. She is confused, feeling lonely and totally unclear what is wrong if she doesn’t stay in office unnecessarily or spending time in gossiping. 

One morning Piya reaches office to attend a meeting called by the company’s owner Mr. Diwakar. The new employee with her gesture and words humiliates her in presence of everyone. Piya ignores and after the meeting returns home. Just two days after, the lady calls Piya and addresses as ‘madam’ instead of calling her by name. She is perplexed. Since then her behaviour towards Piya has completely changed. She is polite, mannered and follows all the office etiquette in dealing with her. After a week the lady leaves the office as the former employee, none know the real reason again. 

In her place a new face joins. One day while presenting her project Piya is interrupted by the new face as she points out something as mistake. Piya is shocked. Priya clarifies there is no error and she can have discussion over the issue. The entire conversation is recorded as camera remains on. Piya is badly hurt as earlier she never has faced such situation. She knows her work and is very careful while doing office work. The office politics disturbs her mentally. She finally, sends mail to Diwakar regarding her anxiety, but he simply suggests her to handle the matter with maturity as she is not in school and by complaining against the staff she is proving she doesn’t have social skills. However, only two days after the incident, the new employee is no longer seen in the office as she also has left without letting anyone know the reason. Piya is surprised. How can it happen? Whoever hurts her feeling consciously is not in the office anymore. 

Many a times she cries at home and decides to leave the job. Her parents and well -wishers too advise her to find a new job. But surprisingly, every time before her decision of submitting resignation letter to the boss, those who create problems for her leave the job and she cancels her search for new organisation. She is completely clueless how this miracle is happening, not once but always and in a continuing manner. She firmly believes, it’s God who is protecting her from the negative people, punishing the wrong doers. 

One morning Piya enters the boss’s cabin and finds company’s technical head inside there. Within few minutes he begins expressing his deep admiration and respect for Piya. He reveals how he views her recorded presentations several times just to get amazed by her persona and screen presence. Piya is speechless and little embarrassed too as Diwakar is listening to the conversation though he has not interrupted the technical head. That short episode of her life is soon forgotten by Piya as she is always praised and loved for the perfection of her task.  

The same evening when she returns home from the office, she is surprised to find Diwakar’s parents at home. They have brought marriage proposal of their son and perform the roka ceremony by gifting Piya traditional family jewellery. They are well aware that even though she is the only daughter of her parents, she is not adamant and egoistic but caring, adorable and from inside extremely beautiful. Her area of interest too is similar to Diwakar’s- reading, writing, photography and travelling to new places. 

They express how much Diwakar loves and cares Piya and is determined to marry her though has never gathered courage to say it clearly to her. Everywhere he showcases Piya’s project presentation and when clients praise her, his face glows with happiness as if they have praised him. He can’t tolerate any misbehaviour of his office staff and many new employees are fired by him the moment they have humiliated and mentally stressed Piya. Diwakar’s parents gladly utter, Diwakar shares all office politics with them. They are happy for him. Now, they too wish to see Piya as their daughter- in –law. 

The beautiful, life changing, unexpected pleasant evening has cleared clouds of suspense why Piya’s haters and wrong doers leave office one by one. Her phone rings, the display screen shows Boss. She nervously says, ‘Hello’. Diwakar in his deep calm voice says, ‘Thank you for being mine forever. Let’s meet tomorrow in the office.” 

Piya is still in utter disbelief. She pinches her to get assure if she is day dreaming or whatever just happened is real.

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