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When Samb Kidnapped Lakshmana

When Samb Kidnapped Lakshmana

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Howsoever strange it may sound but it is the truth that Samb (The son of Lord Krishna) kidnapped Lakshmana ( The daughter of Duryodhana).

Samb- (The son of Lord Krishna) was madly in love with (Lakshmana)- The daughter of Duryodgana. Samb was son of Lord Krishna and Jambwanti. Jambwanti was daughter of Jambwant who married Lord Krishna when Lord Krishna defeated Jambwant in a duel. Lakshmana was daughter if Duryodhana and Bhanumati.

When the marriage ceremony of Abhimanyu and Uttara was going on, at that very much time Samb kidnapped Lakshmana. Duryodhana did not like Krishna and never wanted that his daughter Lakshmana to marry son of Krishna. He also attacked Samb. But because of Lord Balrama he had to agree for marriage.

It is very little known fact that prior to the Mahabharat War , Krishna and Duryodhana has already become closely related to each other as daughter of Duryodhana (i.e. Lakshmana) had become daughter in Law of Lord Krishna.

It is a matter of surprise that how Samb could muster courage to kidnap a woman. This adventure traces its origin from the time of Dhrishrashtra Marriage.

Bhishma Pitamah Kidnapped Amba, Ambika and Ambalika against their desire to marry his younger brother.

Bhishma Pitamah iagain forced the Kandhar Kingdom to marry Gandhari to blind King Dhritrashra.

The theme of kidnapping a women is the theme which has been repeated many times in Mahabharata.

Lord Krishna also Kidnapped Rukmini to marry her , inspite of strong resistance of her brother Rukmin.

Arjun also kidnapped Subhadra (The sister of Lord Krishna) and married her.

Duryidhana himself also married Bhanumati after kidnapping her against her desire.

But there is huge difference between the kidnapping of Bhisma Pitamaha and Duryodhana at one hand the kidnapping of Lord Krishna and Arjuna on the other hand.

Bhisma Pitamaha and Duryidhana kidnapped the women against their desire, while Lord Krishna and Arjuna Kidnapped the women because Rukmini and Subhadra loved them.

Perhaps Samb must have taken inspiration from his history. Lakshmana and Samb were in deep love with each other. Samb was aware that his father Lord Krishna himself kidnapped Rukmini who loved him. Samb was also aware that his father Lord Krishna helped Arjuna in kidnapping Subhdra. Hence Samb was certain in his mind that his father would not oppose his marrying Lakshmana , even he kidnap her. The reason for kidnapping Lakshmana was also become more evident that Duryodhan would never had acceded for marriage of his daughter with Samb. This is the reason why Samb kidnapped Lakshmana and married her.

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