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We welcome you to write a short hostel story and win prizes of up to Rs 41,000. Click here!

Mahin Qureshi

Children Stories Drama Inspirational


Mahin Qureshi

Children Stories Drama Inspirational

When Ella Met Sally

When Ella Met Sally

4 mins 227 4 mins 227

Ella along with Puffy, her cutie pie, hamster, left her home to take a walk. Soon, she saw her friend, Jenny. 

Ella: Jenny! How're you?

Jenny: Ahh... Ella! I'm awesome. What about you?

Ella: Hmmm... I'm so bored today! It's probably the most boring day for me... No work! No goals! Just lying around like a tortoise. LOL!

Jenny: That's for you! But I have a lot of work today! Let me leave! We'll catch up later. Bye! Have a boring day!

Ella was very upset because there wasn't anything special that day! After walking a bit, Ella saw a woman standing at the entrance of a supermarket with lots of stuff.

Ella: Hello Aunty! Is it safe to call you Aunty? 

Woman: Ya! You can call me Aunty! You're a little girl and I'm like 20- 25 years older than you! By the way, Sally. What's your good name?

Ella: My name's Ella, Ella Johnson. Good to see you! May I help you in carrying all this luggage?

Sally: If you can then please! Actually, I'm standing here for almost an hour and no one is sort of helping me and this area is so isolated that even no taxi is there! ( Sighs)

Ella: I'll help you! Let's go!

Sally: So sweet of you dear! Do one thing, hold these 3 bags and I'll take up the rest!

Ella: Sure. May I ask you a question?

Sally: Yes! Let's start walking. It'll be easy for us to reach home on foot if we keep talking! 

Ella: Yes!

Sally: So, what's your question?

Ella: Ahh... Where's your home?

Sally: Not so far from here! We can go there easily if we keep interacting! 

Ella: Yup! Today's day was so boring for me! But now as I've met you, I feel elated! Well, have you met my Puffy, here's it! It's my hamster, my bestie!

Sally: Hello Puffy! It's cute!

Ella: Indeed! By the way, will you like to be my friend? Coz I've met many many people and I've many friends but all of them are just so dull! Noone's sort of actually interested in becoming my friend!

Sally: Ahh... Same here! We can be very good friends! 

Ella: Yea! So, friends?

Sally: Friends! We're besties now so you won't call me Aunty now! Call me Sally!

Ella: Are you serious?

Sally: Very Serious!

Both of them giggled. They kept on talking and talking till they reached home.

Sally: Oh! Look we've reached! Didn't understood when we just reached! Thanks for helping Ella.

Ella: Sally! No thank you and No sorry!

Sally: Okay! Come inside! I'll give you a treat!

Ella: Wow! That's exciting!

Sally took Ella inside her home. Sally went into the kitchen and asked Ella to sit at the dining table. In a couple of minutes, Sally came back with numerous dishes in her hand one by one. The whole table was covered with food for Ella. The food included Pizzas, Burgers, Hotdogs, Cakes, Pudding, Cupcakes, Ice- cream, Milkshake, Apple Pies, Fries, Fried Chicken, Macaroni, Sandwiches, Chocolate chip cookies, Steak, Donuts and a lot! Ella was confused from where to start. 

Ella: Sally, how would I eat this much food?

Sally: Just eat a little bit of everything!

Ella: Oh Yes! This is a full proof treat! Love it! Wait! Won't you have it?

Sally: No way! My tummy is full! I enjoyed a yummy meal in a restaurant before going to supermarket.

Ella: Okay! But how do you prepare this much food so early!

Sally: My parents were about to come from London, actually they live there because of business requirements and I stay here, in England because of my job! And it's our home town too! So, because my parents were about to come, I made all these dishes and before I was leaving the supermarket they called me and said, " We missed our flight". LOL! It was a big blunder for them so they're gonna be coming next week! Hehe!

Ella: Ohh.. that's sad! I'm happy that I'm helping you in completing this food!

Sally: HaHa! 

Ella ate a little bit of every kind of food and after completing:-

Ella: Really Sally! This treat and this day are so memorable for me! I met you, my bestie! And had this amazing treat! Probably one of the best days of my life till now! But it's too late now! Let me leave or else my mum will kill me. Hehe! 

Sally: Yes! You should leave! Take my phone number.**********We'll catch each other tomorrow near the supermarket. Is it okay? 

Ella: Yes! I'll come! See you soon! Bye!

Sally: See you! Take Care.

Ella enjoyed the treat and also got a new bestie, way better than her mean friends! So far So good! 

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