Welcome To This World!

Welcome To This World!

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George, a to be grandfather couldn't wait for the child to come and decides on writing a letter. He pens down..."Welcome child! A hearty welcome to this clan of humans. We've evolved as a civilization and in the year that you're born there's not much to be worried about, be it for food, shelter or your basic needs.

Let me tell you how's it here and what you'd be expected of. Firstly, we all are the same and therefore the day you turn 3 years old you'd be admitted to a school, where you and your ilks will be taught about all that you've missed out on. Beginning from the language that you'll use to communicate and express yourself to Maths that teaches you problems other than real life, to various subjects like history - where you'll get to learn about the sagas of the heroic victories of our past s/heroes, which apparently is not going to be of any use to you in real world, except for haunting you to have a knowledge of it or otherwise it may lead to revolt with your own parents and teachers for not scoring up to the mark.

Once you've by hearted all the subjects, you and all your friends in the same class - irrespective of their interests, hobbies, and potential, are supposed to appear for a common exam - On the basis of which it'd be decided how smart you're and that stamp will be there with you all your life. Fast forward to years when you're done with your schooling. You don't have to worry, my child. We've already decided on a few categories of the profession to pursue for everyone. You only have to pick one among them. I told you in the starting that everything here is predefined by your previous generations, after all, we've evolved, right?.

The ultimate purpose for every newborn is to reach these goals to be called a successful person in life. In case of not obliging to these, you'd be considered a failure for life. So decide meticulously on what you want to be called. All of us here do the same thing and those of us who are different are boycotted but yes there are few who've traveled the road not yet treaded and have become successful, had to go through a lot which is not suggested in general. I and your well-wishers would want you to live a risk-free and happy life. With these words and a hope that you'll be able to lead a good life here, your grandpa wishes you - all the best."

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