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Sticking to the title, most influential women or say inspirational women in my life is my grandaunt (sister of my grandfather). My great grandfather was a freedom fighter so were his sons: my grandfather and his brothers and his daughters. My grandaunts, must have so much respect and value everywhere because of being famed over the name of the freedom fighter. BUT not actually. It all started when my father literally told me about my grandaunt. I was unbelievable at this fact because I have never heard her name before from any of the family members, also haven't seen her in any family functions; it was obvious. I was really excited to know more about her. Just my father told me her husband left her and she has not any child, not anymore because I was a child.

Luckily, my excitement got a brake, when I heard she was coming to neighbor's grandpa home. I was so much eager to meet an undiscussed member despite belonging to a discussed family. I thought, she will be strong like all and actually, when I met her she was looking like all other elders, must be wise and courageous to look after herself and accepted fact of being alone, but I wasn't aware of her wounds mentally as well as physically and that too with no cure, also her value and respect in front of others, totally unaware I was.

The next day, I went after her, thinking she will tell nothing to me like all the elders, but then, she gave me some work to do and suddenly started crying. I was so much shocked, generally, elders don't cry in front of the youngsters. Without any delay, I asked her, "what happened? " She replied, "I am very alone, no one is there for me", it really felt heartbreaking to an emotional freak like me. She told her husband used to beat her, it was really new to hear this type of situation in my family. I murmured, "why? I mean why he used to beat you...? why...??!!!!" She cried so loud that I couldn't stop tears from coming in my eyes. I held her hand, "Why, tell me?" She told, "he doesn't love me. He had a second wife, he respect and love her the most, he left me." I was carefully listening to her story. She even told about a harsh act which is not even biologically possible. She wasn't educated of course, but her inner pain let her speak about the actual pain she felt. She said when she had her baby in the womb, her husband used to beat her a lot that after the birth of her baby, its skin was inborn black due to this act of beating. After I heard this I couldn't control my tears. Really, after some time she stopped crying saying "leave all that, no one can change one's destiny".

I came home, I fought with all my family members. "Why is she so alone and helpless, she is the sister of my grandfather, why don't we help her?" All my family members just stopped my words saying "you are a child, don't try to be over-smart, you are not the carer of her till all these years." I literally cried a lot after that, I don't know why but her words started echoing in my head. The next day, she showed me her burned-wounds on her leg, it was really blisters - full leg, lean because of malnutrition. Her condition really created a big question in my mind, why don't everyone help her she is part of our family!!!!

Days went further, and I was exposed to many dark truths of her life which are even so harsh to imagine. My heart really felt broken but all these situations started inspiring me my brain, in a way, "if a lady is not independent or stable, she's not being asked in need", but I learned "if a lady suffers harassment, if her husband leaves her, etc, then people feel shameful to accept her or help her".

Slowly, she started showing her behavior; negative surroundings made her so negative that she used to think, everyone is just doing bad for me. I can understand it is very true. This was really the saddest fact. All people just used to disrespect her and don't value her demands. During a family gathering, her words were ignored by all; like she is a soul, I observed everything very receptively, truly I was very much influenced by everything about her, because I got to learn so much from her life, from her loneliness and her condition.

I wondered if I have money of my own, without any delay I will improve her condition, I cried on my weakness and promised God, one day I will become so powerful to help ladies like this whose pathetic condition is masked under their families, helpless and needy, even blood relations are not useful for them. In her case, she was just surviving her life.

I couldn't stop myself from doing for her what I can, I put coconut oil on her burnt wound, on her head, hands, and massage; used to comb her hair, talk with her. I just wanted to take her pain and gave her a happy life. Sadly, all these worse situations made her mentally strong to survive but also mentally weak to have no value among others. I just used to take care of everything for her, also there's another connection I feel with her and she also; because I believe that, "I am a child to every mother deprived of a child", she did not come in the category of "every mother", she is part of our family.

She had cataracts in her eye, all her brothers decided to contribute money for her treatment which was even not successful, division like this gave me pinch in my head, Shameful!!...her sisters are even for the name, there is no responsibility of them for her, just because she has ill thinking and behavior which doesn't match to the high class of their family.

Everyone just gets rid of sitting beside her, they don't want to listen to her; I always feel blessed to sit near her and do small stuff for her what I can do, she also feel a good bond with me. She's bad for everyone but not for me, I understand her truly by my heart.

She's only negative for one who ignores her and disrespects her if someone really wanted to understand her, she can never hurt that person, I felt that by an incident. I lost my earphones. Being a music lover, she got to know this, she asked me the price: it was like true love for me, she took earphones from the neighbor's home(where she's living) and gave it to me. Really it's the most memorable event for me, she gave me everything, not a new one but more special than that. I felt great, I used to fight for her with others. If she complains anything, I cannot see tears in her eyes, she used to cry very rapidly like a child who needs care and love, I understand that. Even I was thinking about how will she live after going to her old house again where there is dark past of her; they gave her food not nutrition, bed but not sleep, care but not treatment, stuff she needed but not what she wanted, I understand all these. I love her forever like no one else did and I still do.

Endless stuff I learned from her, other members don't accept she had so much pain, I can sense it. For me after my mother, she is the most influential lady who gave me so much knowledge of the sad reality of this world, also inspiring me to become powerful enough to help these ladies, she added one more vision in my mind, to be the backbone for these women, really I will pursue it. She is WONDER WOMAN for me.

I learned a lot from her life and condition. This is really a un-naked truth, thousands of these cases are still wandering around in our society. We need to sense them out and make a righteous decision. Our emblem says, "Satyamev Jayete". Step out if you are true, you'll win. This is a really great thing. For that lady, I am penning down her story to inspire many people.

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