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Toxic Trauma Bond

Toxic Trauma Bond

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Have you seen him again?

My roommate Riya asked with the warning signs in her eyes.

I am just moving my fingers on the plate which is filled with rice and curry.


I am asking you again. Have you seen him today?

Yes. I said in a trembling voice and started crying.

Riya can easily guess my mood swings.

I kept my head low and tears are falling into the rice which I am mixing with curry.

Has he said something? Riya came and rubbing my back and signaling me to calm down.

No. I said.

Do you still believe he is gonna accept your love? He left you when you bought a marriage proposal.

He does not like to marry you. I know you people were in a Live-in relationship. But it is past.

He is not committed to marriage.

Please try to understand.

You are not loving him. It is a toxic traumatic bond.

Please listen to me.

He is manipulating you. Riya is saying about Dhanush. 

The guy who says he loves me but he cannot marry me.

I know Riya is telling the truth. But...

I do not know. If he asks something I am unable to say No.

Riya left the dining table as I have not responded.

I ate food on my plate which is mixed with my tears.

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