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Simmi Bhatt



Simmi Bhatt


To My Daughter

To My Daughter

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To my daughter

No words in any language can express the love your birth brought into my life

To make me understand what love was God gifted you to me on a special day

of love

I could still recall the huge rush of feelings I had when I held you near my heart for the first time ,a pink ball looking at me with an amused feeling in her eyes like saying “Mama now I can see you”, from that moment my heart started syncing with that of yours as you were the first one who knew how my heart sounded like from inside.

It feels like a blink of an eye when you outgrew my lap and started walking on your feet Today I may not be able to hold you in my lap but my heart will always do so

I have cherished every single moment of your childhood your laughs your cries your entire being , you intrinsically crafted a mother out of a naive girl.

Our journey started with you kicking me from inside womb for those midnight hunger pangs to now borrowing my lipsticks

My heart would always swell with pride when you would crawl room after room and your mother radar desperate to find me

Now that you are growing up I miss those chubby days of yours I miss your baby weight in my arms I miss combing and putting that shiny stuff in your hair I miss the grip of your hand on my finger, but then I take pride in feeling that now you tower over me

A mother’s treasure is her daughter, this relationship is further strengthened when the daughter herself becomes a mother

Daughter you are loved for the special princess you had been a wonderful young woman you are now and a lovely daughter you will always be

Grow and shine take the world in your stride



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