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Thicker Than Blood

Thicker Than Blood

4 mins

"Stop, stop, let me on the bus " was the frantic call made by a young woman while running behind the just started bus. The bus driver stopped after being alerted by a passenger. This passenger was a woman named Disha and the woman running was Nisha. There were few other passengers on the bus. All were going to start their two-year management training course in a reputed business school. Nisha expressed her gratitude to Disha for helping her out.

From here began the familiarity between the two which later on turned into a friendship. This friendship became so deep that it is 'thicker than blood' was how their other friends and acquaintances termed.

The two years course finished in no time. Both Disha and Nisha were roommates and so their friendship became deep. The placements were done on the campus itself and one got a banking job and the other got placed in an insurance company. Both Disha and Nisha were happy with their placements. They were happier because they were both placed in the same city.

Soon both of them took up their respective jobs in the city. For their residence, they took on rent an apartment which they decided to share between them. They had to take the residence on rent as they were living separately from their families.

Living together Disha and Nisha began to know each other better. Although they were college hostel mates but now living together as two earning individuals they could know each other best.

It was a strange relationship between them. They were perfect adjusting souls and none fought or quarreled among themselves. Such was their friendship that their neighbors were amazed to not hear any sound when they were in the apartment. A perfect blissful relationship with any other was difficult to find.

Years passed and both of them progressed in their professional lives. Their friendship became even deeper. Once they took a foreign holiday together and had a wonderful time visiting distant lands and seeing various sights.

Now began a challenging time in their blissful lives.

Nisha's family was pressuring for her marriage though she was not interested at the moment. But ultimately she had to give in. Soon she was married and went to live with her in-laws. Disha had attended the marriage. During their parting, both friends were very sad to live away from each other.

In the meanwhile Disha had got friendly with a colleague and after a whirlwind romance tied the marital knot. Unfortunately, Nisha could not give much time for Disha's marriage due to her in-law's commitments.

Now Disha went to live with her husband. As a result now due to their marriages Disha and Nisha were staying away from each other. Though this was a happy time in their lives they were sad. No one could understand Disha and Nisha better than themselves. Thus began a very trying time in their lives. Managing job and family simultaneously was becoming a great challenge for both Disha and Nisha. Both had unique problems of their own.

Nisha was married in a big joint family and the family was very conservative. Her husband was kind but was not empathetic towards Nisha. The position of women in the family was of archaic thought and practice and somewhat misogynistic. She had to do all the household chores and then leave for office. There was no one to help her. If Nisha was to complain then her in-laws would tell her to leave the job and become a housewife. So began a lot of trouble for her.

For Disha life was different as she and her husband were living a nuclear family. The trouble started when the husband left the job and started a business. His income became erratic and always had to beg Disha for financial support. Disha initially supported but later on found that her finances were going for a toss supporting the husband. So began quarrels and arguments. Later on, her husband started coming back home late and after heavy drinking. In his inebriated state, he used to use abusive language and one day took a step forward to beat Disha.

After avoiding being beaten Disha took refuge at the nearby police station. There she filed a complaint and later went to the lawyer to file for divorce.

Although her husband asked forgiveness and wanted to patch up, Disha the independent woman she was determined to get out of the mess. The divorce was quick and very soon Disha was free and happy. She went back to her old residence which she shared with Nisha.

Nisha, however, continued to drag life to the best of her abilities. Her husband was not compassionate enough. She in-laws were not supportive of her cause. Also, the thought of Disha staying alone and independent was pulling her like a magnet towards her.

Finally unable to bear the pain of separation from Disha and the pain of being humbled by her in-laws made her take the drastic step.

One early morning when still everyone was asleep, Nisha ran away to freedom. Disha welcomed her open-armed to their apartment. They could not live separately and felt complete in each other's company. As their friendship was thicker than blood.

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