Sreeram Rajesh

Drama Horror Thriller


Sreeram Rajesh

Drama Horror Thriller

The Year 2076

The Year 2076

2 mins

In 2076, Humans accidentally made a virus which made people act like Zombies and was called the Walking- Dead.


When I was going out of the city, I noticed that people were acting strangely, they bit people and the people who were bitten also turned strange, after some time most of the people got infected. So I felt unsafe and then I came out of the car and went to an apartment and was full of strange acting people, but I somehow managed to enter a room where I met a nurse and she said everything about the virus and said it was called Walking - Dead.


We had to leave the room cause there was a shortage of supplies; the nurse got infected while we were going, then I got a gun from the ground and I killed them all in the building.

 When I reached the terrace I saw a rescue helicopter the people in the helicopter said that they found the medicine that is 

located in an island prone to many Walking - Deads, so we made a raft and I went to the island when I reached me saw many Walking - Deads, but I hid and continued. 


But somehow one saw me and all of them surrounded me. I killed many with my gun and I was so close! suddenly one bit me. Before the virus took effect I took the medicine and I was healed.

I put them in my gun and I shot everyone on the island and they were cured.

We treated everyone in the world and made it a better place to live and thrive.

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