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Dinakar Reddy

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The Upma Lover

The Upma Lover

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Our college canteen gets preoccupied on Sunday mornings.Yes.We Stay in Residential College.

Not just because it is Sunday.

The reason is every Sunday morning breakfast item is Upma.

No.No. We do not hate Upma.

More than anyone I love Upma.It was my favorite tiffin from childhood.

But, after joining college I am not able to like it.

Not only me, but everyone in The hostel also prefers eating veg puff or egg puff.

It is because they prepare Upma like semi-solid stuff.

If you prepare Upma in home, it is Solid.


After many days, I went to a home in the holidays. Grandpa asked What to bring from Bazar for me? Do you know What I said?

Bring Upma Ravva.

On that day I just ate Upma like the old times.

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