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Shikha Mishra

Drama Inspirational


Shikha Mishra

Drama Inspirational

The Undelivered Letter

The Undelivered Letter

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Preesha was a successful woman entrepreneur in the fashion industry, was called for an interview by a magazine. She was everything that she had ever dreamt of. Life had not been easy for her as well, however, she ensured to turn every hurdle into an opportunity. She was ambitious, but the road she travelled to reach where she was today was a bumpy ride.

Today, she had everything one could ask for, but life was not always like this.

Long back when she had none of all of these, all she had her dream. Her dream of becoming the most successful women entrepreneur in the fashion industry. The dream was not so easy, since she belonged to a middle-class family, but it's said Dreams doesn't come with conditions, you need to give every ounce of yours to it, nurture it with passion and hard work before they come true.

You are extremely blessed if you have someone who believes in your dream, in that case, she was extremely lucky since no one believed in her more than her father did.

Her father was the most important figure in her life because he was not only the father to her but also her mother too. Preesha lost her mother when she was very young and since then her father has loved and supported her.

Her father always ensured she got the best of everything, be it school, life. She still remembered the numerous sacrifices her father did, so that she could fulfil her dream. The road became more difficult when she had to move to a bigger city for higher studies, leaving her father all alone. The separation was painful for him too, but they were not bigger than her daughter's dream.

He believed in her daughter's dream and was ready to do whatever it takes. He walked on this difficult journey alone to support her daughter so that she could live her dream.

But little did he knew he didn't have enough time to watch her daughter's dream come true. And till the time he knew it was too late for him to do anything about it. He was not scared of death, because his life "Preesha" was on the journey to fulfil her dream, but was scared of what happens to her after he has gone.

What if her daughter fears failure?

What if she decides to give up on her dreams, because of some hurdles?

What if she decides to give up on anything so that she could be with her father during this critical time? 

What happens when she needs some motivation, whom would she turn?

She definitely cannot know, he father was suffering from cancer. This would destroy her and he would not let that happen.

On the other hand, while Preesha's journey was just starting, she joined a company that was a big name in the fashion industry. But little did she knew, the working modalities of working in this corporate culture.

She was new to this culture and was still trying her best to adapt to this culture, but adapting to  "Change" takes time and she was still a work in progress.

She had the worst boss one could ask for and she made sure Preesha's life was hell. The moment she met Preesha, she knew she would be a rising star of this industry and that imbibed insecurities in her to such a deep extent that she started playing unfair.

She left no stone unturned to humiliate Preesha in front of everyone, her motive was to break her confidence to such an extent that she should pack her bags and leave immediately.

Preesha tried her best to cope up with it, but one fine day, she had enough and couldn't take it anymore.

On that night, her father called to check on Preesha as usual, but all she heard was her sobbing badly on call.

He knew something big had happened, else it was not so easy for her little girl to cry.

She told her father how her boss was making her life hell and she wants to come back home. Maybe she'll become a teacher or something or shall find some way out.

Her father listened to her very carefully and said, "Beta, if you want to come down, you can do that. You are always welcome in this home.

But before you pack your things I want you to close your eyes and think about "Your Dream" you wanted to accomplish.

Yes, I agree your boss is terrible, but think about 5 years down the line what happens if this thought comes across to you," I wish I could have continued my journey and fulfilled my dream? Then, Life would have been different. I got an opportunity and I kicked it off just because of my boss. I gave her what she wanted, at the cost of my dream?

I had struggled so much in my life to reach to beginning of the fulfilment of my dream and instead of taking steps forward and I took it back.

She was listening carefully to her father and these questions pushed her to think, what was she doing? How could she even think about giving up?

Preesha, I know you, my little girl, you are much stronger than you think you are. You have survived worst than this, don't give up now.

Rest, As I said I love you more than anything and your decision would be my decision.

You take rest now, shall talk tomorrow. Love you, my little girl.Good night.

Even before she could say anything, the call got disconnected. This call was exactly, what Preesha needed at that moment.

On the other said, Preesha's father had to disconnect the call since it was difficult for him to talk and breathe.

After all, he was in the hospital, undergoing treatment. Somewhere he knew this was the last call with his daughter and since he was running out of time, he knew exactly what to do.

The interviewer asked, Ms Preesha, You are on the list of the top 10 business entrepreneur, what is the most expensive thing that you own?

Preesha smiled and answered, "The Letter written by my Father"

"In today's era of digitalisation, the concept of the letter may not sound interesting, but the fact is this letter transformed my life completely.

Success journey is never easy, but it becomes easier when someone believes in you, more than yourself.

My father wrote this letter to me when I was facing the biggest struggle of my life. Unfortunately due to his sudden demise, this letter didn't get delivered, but it reached me when I needed it the most.

I'll read a few lines from the poem, he wrote in the letter:

No matter how tough the situations are there in your life, don't forget to keep your head high.

Let the storms know that this ship is meant to sail,

Nothing can stop this ship from paving its way through it and reaching its destination.

It's not going to be easy, but the spirit of not giving up imbibes all the confidence in you,

Let the hardships in your life know you are much tougher than they think about you.

Face them all with a big smile and the power of self-belief and then see the magic,

The victory shall be all yours, and all your dreams shall come true.

No matter, what keep your head high, smile and walk with confidence and face the challenges in such a way, 

That one day Life asks you, "How do you manage to look that so effortlessly?

As she finished reading the poem, the interviewer and her eyes were moist.

He said," Ma'am, no wonder this is the most expensive thing you own. Your father must be proud of who you are today.

Preesha said, Yes, My father supported me as long as he was there with him. And even when he left this world he supported me with this "Undelivered Letter" that has guided me to reach where I am today.

She closed her eyes as she said, "Love you, Papa. Your little girl's dream has come true!!

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