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The Unborn

The Unborn

3 mins 483 3 mins 483

Abhimanyu, is a good person, he respects all gender. He was the topper in his school and went to person in the corporate. An encyclopaedia, in all respects. A friend, who can bring you up even at the verge of death.

Impressed by this quality, everyone wanted him to be around them.

Out of power of love one girl, goes out of her way and proposes him.

He kept pushing her, and explained that he was the right guy for her.

But the girl was mad for him and was mad at him as well. Then the unexpected thing happened. He yelled at her, in public. The guy, who respected women, abused her, verbally. Out of rage, the public based him. He lost respect, confidence and his job. Things became worst for him, he couldn’t share anything to his parents. He just moved on with his life. But no one knew that Abhi, already belonged to someone.

Abhi, is the second child in the family; his parents were from a middle class family. He had an elder sister.

Rewinding the time…

His mother, was happy when she got conceived. Every day she prayed the lord "Durga", for the child’s well being. But due to society pressure, and pressure of bearing a boy child, she prayed for a boy. Her relatives, husband and mother-in-law, all threatened her, it should be a boy. They mentioned her, that if-

“You couldn’t give birth to a boy child, your husband will divorce you!”

Every day his mother used to talk to him. Finally the day came; she gave birth to an identical twins.

One was a girl and other was the boy. But the girl was dead, as she got delivered. Days passed and Abhi grew up. At times he played cricket, and at times he played indoor games. His education was a mix of ups and downs.

“No one knows he belongs to her”

She is a mother to him at times, she is a teacher to him at times, but at times she is his enemy as well. She remained within him, as part of him.

With death, soul gets a freedom, when you are part of this world.

But what about the death? Before being part of this world? Both of them belong to extreme pole, when it comes to character.

She loves him, as well as hates him. Out of possession, she becomes his, Armour, lest someone separates her. Not sure, if she is controlling him as a spirit.

Or, if she exists, as part of his personality. But he pays the sins of their parents as part of karmic account.

It’s a known fact from epic Mahabharata, that fetus do hear and understand what we say and feel, When we curse, hatred being developed; the same gets conveyed to the foetus and soul.

Shape the thoughts, before you communicate. Be it through mind or words. As someone listens you. Which you are not aware of!

World is equal for all life form be gender gap isn’t exception. As humans, treat every child equally, as they are part of your soul. Feed them with self-respect and love. I hope Abhi’s sister, forgives him, for a sin, which he is not responsible and won't be responsible in his future!

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